TOPS Moves into New Headquarters Building December 1- 2013
TOPS has moved into its new headquarters in Huffman, Tx, Northeast of Houston. 
TOPS Will be attending the 501F user conference in Palm Springs January 16, 2014
Users are welcome to visit the TOPS Booth at the 501F conference on February 17th.

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Recent Projects
501D5A- Kathleen, GA
501D5- Texas City, TX
501D5- Clear Lake, TX
501D5A- New Roads, LA
501F- Baytown, TX
501F- Mankato, MN
501F- Mohave Valley, AZ
501F- Decatur, AL
501F- Hermiston, OR
Frame5- Sterlington, LA
7EA- Big Springs, TX
7EA- Shepard, TX
7FA- Fairfield, TX
7FA- Mobile, AL
7FA- Clifton, TX
501D5A- Kathleen, GA
501D5- Texas City, TX
501D5- Clear Lake, TX
501F- Mankato, MN
501F-Baytown, TX
501F-Decatur, AL
501F-Hermiston, OR
501F- Mohave Valley, AZ
501FYuba City, CA
GE 7B- Panama
D11- Pine Bluff AR
7FA- Broken Arroww, OK
7FA- Fairfield, TX
7FA- Edinburg, TX
7FA- St Gabriel, LA
7FA- Clifton, TX

D11 Steam Turbine - Fairfield, TX
501F Gas Turbine - Hermiston, OR
501F Gas Turbine- Pasadena, TX
D11 Steam Turbine- El Dorado, AR
7FA Gas Turbine- Broken Arrow, OK
501F Gas Turbine- Osprey, FL
7EA Gas Turbine - Big Spring, TX
7FA Gas Turbine - Rincon, GA
501D5 Gas Turbine- Auburndale, FL
501D5 Gas Turbine - Clear Lake, TX
501D5A Gas Turbine - Dundee, IL
501D5A Gas Turbine - Kathleen, GA
Frame 5 Gas Turbine - Ft Pierce, FL
501F Gas Turbine - Monroe, GA
W191 Gas Turbine - Houston, TX
7FA Gas Turbine - Beloit, WI
7FA Gas Turbine - Edinburg, TX
501D5 Gas Turbine - Texas City, TX
501F Gas Turbine - MEXICO
7EA Gas Turbine - Sandersville, GA

D11 Steam Turbine - Rosenberg, TX
501D5A Gas Turbine - Trinidad & Tobago
7FA Gas Turbine - Fairfield, Texas
501F & Steam Turbine  - Deer Park, Texas
Steam Turbine - Rincon, Georgia
501D5 Gas Turbine & Generator - Clear Lake, TX
7FA Gas Turbine  - Kendall, IL
501F Gas Turbine - Baytown, TX
7FA Generator  -   Gaffney, SC
251B Gas Turbine  - Tasley, VA
501F Gas Turbine - Aurora, CO
7FA Gas Turbine  - Pine Bluff, AR
Brush Generator  - Bakersfield, CA
7FA Gas Turbine - Venezuela
7FA Gas Turbine - Oneta, OK
7FA Gas Turbine - Corpus Christi, TX
501F Gas Turbine - Pasadena, TX
501D5A Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine - Kathleen, GA
7FA Gas Turbine - Zion, IL
Frame 5 Gas Turbine - Florida, USA
Steam Turbine  - Corpus Christi, TX
7FA Gas Turbine - Hidalgo, TX

7FA Gas Turbine - Edinburg, Texas
7FA Gas Turbine - Westbrook, Maine
Biomass Steam Turbine Installation - Lufkin, Texas
501F Gas Turbine - Long Island, New York
7FA Gas Turbine  - Carville, South Carolina
501D5 Gas Turbine - Clear Lake, Texas
7FA Gas Turbine - Gaffney, SC
501F  Gas Turbine - Deer Park, Texas
7FA  Gas Turbine - Rosenberg, Texas
501C Gas Turbine - Mickleton, New Jersey
501F  Gas Turbine - Pasadena, Texas
501F Gas Turbine - Baytown, Texas
7FA  & D11 Steam Turbine - Fairfield, Texas
501D5 Gas Turbine - Texas City, Texas
7EA Gas Turbine - King City, California
501F  Gas Turbine - Colorado Springs, CO
7FA and Alstom Steam Turbine - Corpus Christi, TX
7FA & Toshiba Steam Turbine - Oneta, Oklahoma
7FA Gas Turbine - Mobile, Alabama
7EA Gas Turbine - Shepherd, TX
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